Miracle on the Vistula was first buried the idea of communism

August 15, Poland celebrated the 90th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Warsaw between the troops and the revived Polish divisions of the Red Army led by Tukhachevsky. On why a battle called the "Miracle on the Vistula" and the impact it had on the fate of Poland and Belarus — talk to the historian Valentin Golubev.

In Lately historian, in the recent past, the politician Valentin Golubev often the case in Poland, where he worked in the local archives. Valentin Golubev said that the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, determined the fate of not only the Polish and Belarusian peoples, but the impact on the history of Europe:

— It was the first defeat of the communist ideology. After the 1917 revolution Moscow Bolsheviks set the goal of a world revolution and chose Poland as the weakest link. They felt that if the army will appear in Chyronaya this country, the workers and peasants rise up against their exploiters, as they said, and so begins a revolution in Europe. But the Polish people have demonstrated that not only does not accept communist ideas, but the main thing for the Poles, as always, is a national and state independence.

— Tukhachevskogo army offensive on Poland started from Kiev, where it was almost broken the Polish army. Polish divisions almost ran through the whole of Belarus until the Vistula, but suddenly there were not only able to resist and repel the attack of the Red Army, but also completely break it. According to the estimates of loss in the Red Army went to 25,000 dead and 60,000 prisoners. The Polish army lost half as much. What is the main cause of the Victoria?

— What is important is that the Battle of the Vistula — it was, I would say, not a government organization wins, and winning international organization. After all went out to fight the common people: students, workers, peasants, who were able to repulse the regular army of the Bolsheviks, headed by Tukhachevsky. "

We, the Belarusians suffered in the war and the Poles and the Russians.

— It is known that among the French military advisers who helped the Poles was the future President of France, General de Gaulle. What, in your opinion, was the amount of foreign aid in the fight against Poland on the Vistula, including the Entente?

— These historians did indicate that this foreign aid was not great. Essentially it boiled down to the tips. But we were able to organize the Poles — is that they all have deciphered the secret codes of the Red Army and the command of the Polish Army in fact knew all the plans of Staff Tukhachevsky.

— The result has been a rapid defeat Tukhachevskogo retreat of his troops for Minsk and finally — the Treaty of Riga, Belarus has divided into two parts, east and west. The war and the border passed through the fate of thousands of Belarusians. One of my grandfathers was later sent to a concentration camp for the Bolsheviks that helped Belarusian General Bulak-Bulahovicha, who has collaborated with the Poles. Second grandfather Poles arrested for being in the advance on Warsaw, he was called the Bolsheviks to work on the railroad. Whether the "miracle on the Vistula" for Belarusians miracle?

— The war was between Poland and Belarus and Belarus to Poland and Soviet Russia and Poland for the sake of world revolution. And we, Belarusians suffered in the war and the Poles and the Russians. Plus what can only be called, that after the liberation of Minsk from the Poles held the second vzbuynenne Byelorussian SSR, which became known as the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus, and that as it may, the SSRB has always existed in the world and has been recognized by all, and then again as the Byelorussian SSR. As a result, we have lived up to the moment when it created an independent The Republic of Belarus. And the fate of the story! In 1991, the Republic of Poland was the first country to recognize the independent Republic of Belarus.


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