Miracles and unexplained facts in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church and the clergy. PHOTO

Russian Orthodox Church operates on a par with all other public institutions (and more recently, it is becoming increasingly obvious.) But Providence (or a higher power, if you will) continue to favor members of the Russian Orthodox Church more than anyone else. Moreover there is some evidence.

About sensational accident on the Garden Ring with the Rector Elijah Abbot Timothy, sitting behind the wheel of the car BMW Z4, heard, probably all. The fact that he refused to undergo a medical examination for intoxication and was disqualified for 20 months (but soon his defense is going to challenge the sentence), is also well known.

Curiously, Abbot Timothy (in the world — Alex Podobedov) states that from any medical examination, he refused, and the signature in the record — not his. In addition, according to the priest, at the moment of the protocol in a police car sat a drunken man — "probably a parishioner who wanted to help." It was from him and proceeded obvious smell of alcohol, convinced the abbot. A record from the DVR to illustrate the process of execution of a document and could clarify the matter, mysteriously disappeared. According to Public Traffic Police, the information on the card has been destroyed by the virus.

Miracles and "unexplained facts" in the life of the Russian Orthodox Church and the clergy.  PHOTO

Other participants crash logged data confirm the refusal of the priest from a medical procedure. And some members of the legal community do not believe in the "Orthodox" viruses that erase the video. Some of them say that this situation could have legal consequences — it is likely that there has been an abuse of power.

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