Mirotochenie Our Lady of the Solovetsky the good deed




On Saturday, 24.07.2004, Moscow, during a church service dedicated to the martyrs of the Gulag, zamirotochila icon of the Mother of God Solovetskaya the good deed. There were plenty of mirotochenie. Within a few hours in front of hundreds of astonished people icon continued to allocate the fragrant oil.

Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Our Lady of Good Solovki — is a watershed event that has universal meaning. This kovchezhno-apocalyptic icon (myrrh Ark) a sign that the world is coming Bogotsivilizatsiya, the base and the throne which are the Solovki.
Solovki — a mystical capital of the Gulag. In the XVIII century. in a vivid dream monk Jesus, the former confessor of Peter I, exiled to Solovki, the Blessed Virgin appeared and said she made a second here Calvary and shed a sea of blood — which is what happened in the XX century.

A lot mirotochaschih crosses on the icon in a sign that over these burial mounds are tens of thousands of relics of martyrs mirotochaschih Russian. The world might have a secret meaning. Soul-fiancee found worthy of higher inheritance in the kingdom — the bridal chamber.

Note streaming myrrh not Kazan, not Vladimir, but Solovetskaia kovchezhnaya icon as a sign that the world has gone Transformed Church of Christ the anointed of the Holy Spirit from the Second Solovetskaya Calvary.
Second Calvary — this is not a symbol, a metaphor, but a real historical event took place amid in the XX century, continues to this day.

Solovetskaia Calvary — is the sum of the entire human sorrow. It split on the martyrs of the nation, membership of a particular denomination, church, religious domination.

Solovetskaia Calvary appears today in all the earth: Manhattan, an earthquake in Iran, the Chernobyl tragedy, the war in Chechnya, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, terrorism in different countries — are the global Solovetskaia Calvary.
Those who took the news of the Solovetsky Calvary will be especially blessed and will be placed under a special cover of the Solovki anointed. Have rejected are rejected.

Worship mirotochaschemu ark Solovetskaya Dame — Russian Ark myrrh third millennium.
Rulers, presidents, gallant officers and soldiers, intellectuals, youth and children, dropping to the source of grace, Christ's Second Coming! But these marvelous mirotochenie — a sign that Russia is in direct fishing of God imparted to her primary role in the dispensation of the new community. Today in Russia laid the foundation Bogotsivilizatsii.

Center for Russian Spirituality (SPB) icrs@mail.wplus.net 05.08.2004

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