Mobile trainer SAM «Buk-M2E» shown at MAKS-2013

Mobile trainer SAM
Mobile version of the simulator self-propelled fire installation (JMA) anti-missile (SAM) «Buk-M2E», work on which is one hundred percent completed before the end of 2013, for the first time exhibited at the MAKS-2013, said to RIA Novosti representative Ulyanovsk mechanical Plant (Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey»).
In Prototypingth execution of its showing in 2012 at the exhibition «Engineering Technologies». Then he became interested in the Defense Ministry, and negotiations with the agency supplies are already underway.
«During the show, in this embodiment, the present trainer for the first time. According to the plans, we need to finish the job at the end of the year in its entirety, including the development and documentation «- said to RIA Novosti chief designer Alexander Monin simulator.
All the technology and equipment in the simulator quite repetitive actions SAM «Buk-M2E». It is mainly a complete imitation of the real situation of air, allowing the crew to react to the current combat situation. According to the designer, for the naturalization of what is happening there is the ability to bind the customer to the location of the simulator input method maps of the area where the theater of war will unfold: «In the radar has the typical clutter that are tied to the area. <...> In modern warfare, the operator does not have to actually think it has to do everything automatically, because time is very compressed from an unexpected defeat its purpose to all a couple of 10’s of seconds, during this period of time to consider once you need to do, «- Monin explained.
Simulator four jobs: commander of the crew, 2-operators and instructors. Computer Information System is one hundred percent record all actions of the crew. The developers note that similar «black box» allows completely impartially assess the run sequence of actions and results: «No one can say that something is done — everything will be fixed.»
The power system simulator mobile autonomous, but can be connected to the industrial network and that allows to save energy. Self-propelled fire simulator installation JMA 9A317ET SAM «Buk-M2E» on the mobile base is designed for training and evaluating combat crew in performance measures to detect, capture, maintenance and destruction of targets. SAM «Buk M2E» — Russian anti-aircraft missile medium-range third generation, providing simultaneous detection of up to 24 air targets.

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