Modernization of Zadornov

Unfortunately, all that we have done today "at the top" is just for show, as in Soviet times. Only the degree of hypocrisy has become higher. In the USSR, the party elite hypocrite in the name of ideas and current hypocrisy — in the name of profit. I came up with a new slogan for our May Day thieving businessmen and officials, "Peace, work," Maybach "!

A similar situation is unfolding with Immunization Campaign modernization of Russia. I understand that the word "modernization" — very beautiful. And, perhaps, from the viewpoint of the future, it is needed. But there is a much more important task for all of us.

Sometimes it seems that none of the presidential administration had never been in any Russian city, in any country. Have not seen or heard that in some places of the field still plow horse that houses ignite bare electrical wires in doorways exploding gas pipes, schools are crumbling old ceilings, winter heating is disabled, street children digging in the trash, homes Nursing toilets on the streets, no soul at all, from nedoochischennoy tap water in people age 40 spoiled teeth, which local paramedics and veterinarians still put the iron crown. What kind of upgrade you say? To horse bridle was samonadevayuscheysya, heated seat, springs from carts — a solar-powered, prostitutes "grazed" on plasma screens, and trash containers in deference to the homeless children sorted the contents using the CPU to make it easier to find the right musorofayly?

If you upgrade the barn, will shed with twists. Why would a super-modern barn door with a peephole on liquid crystals overview 320 degrees?

One of the scientists boasted to me that according to today's nanotechnology research team developed their pen that writes under water at a depth of 100 meters. Tell me, who needs a pen? The whole team worked hard on this for a long time! It's better to be invented for those who do not have the money to his own funeral, white samozashnurovyvayuschiesya slippers.

Just wanted to say — first remove all debris from the cities of sidewalks and pavements. Normally clean the hands. Without any "innovation." No need to invent a robot that will walk through the streets, and if someone threw a piece of paper, grab the collar and say, "I, creature, lift!"

And our landfills? Leaving from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, a famous Japanese writer Murakami was very surprised: "What a huge dump — to the horizon!" He replied, "It's not a dump — it's suburbs Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk!" I understand the upgrade landfill is easier than to remove it.

It is difficult and water pipes to put in order to keep the water in them was ionized and non-chlorinated, lively, and not dead. Even more difficult to roll up the wires with electrical tape to fasten electrical outlets, so they do not fall out of the walls when you take out "plug." And it does not afford our power plastered ceilings, to the heads not drizzled lime, and repair roads. Just repair — without nanotechnology. Not plundering materials. However, if, plundering, then it is by our standards would be "nanotechnology". And then we still have two problems in Russia: the roads and those who drive on these roads with flashing lights.

The Germans have come up with a joke, and in the Far East is taken seriously: the citizens to use the initiative to repair roads, ie repair roads for public money. Everyone buys a hole in the pavement and it rolls. I can suggest a new modernistic designs "feed the district", "Buy syringes for" Ambulance "," Take off the two haystacks "… There are all sorts of people at the Russian imagination … Rather than build a treatment plant, it is possible for enterprises that smoke "from Moscow to the suburbs," establish special transformers, and the smoke in the sky will be folded into words: It's clean air! "

We do not have spare parts for tractors and mowers. Elevators are worn. Corroded gas pipes explode, demolishing entire buildings. You can certainly boast that soon will be put in place invent gas burners nuclear. But they are already in the air will shoot up entire neighborhoods, and even cities.

Why should we "Silicon Valley"? Just to show the West that we "do not slurp soup bast" and Treads — minestrone? We have Dubna, which can give a handicap to any "Silicon Valley." We have Obninsk, Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, a plurality of compartments of the Academy of Sciences — once in their depths was coined by the same collider, which today boasts of European science.

Before starting Immunization Campaign development of nanotechnology, it is good to remember how much we have remarkable inventions was rejected by bureaucratic officials. In construction, agriculture, medicine … For example, the methods of postoperative treatment of cancer patients. But we still buy the equipment in the West instead of admitting their nuggets. "Samodurki" never notice nuggets. So it was always in Russia. Mozhayskiy invented the airplane, but could not register it. Kibalchich sitting in prison, came up with a jet engine. Sliders painted train, but no one paid any attention to him. If there was no mathematical fantasy Lobachevsky, Einstein gave to the theory of relativity. But the discoveries Lobachevskian no one remembers.

We are all for show. Argentina issued the loan — $ 15 billion And we have that, the Far East does not need the money? Or to the money he was given, it should be transferred to Argentina?

Teachers are not able to live on. However, as the doctors. What do they benefit from the fact that Chubais have allocated money for the development of nanotechnology? Modernization of education? Teachers to replace robots that do not require even a minimum wage? I do believe that teachers and doctors from every barrel of oil produced in Russia should go percent. That would be an innovation! Then the doctors would not treat patients as customers.

By the way, there is a national sign: "If Chubais somewhere out there is always something to blow!" From this point of view we should please his new appointment as Director of nanotechnology. At the very least, all is safe, because it may explode what is not? No wonder the people Chubais called "A nano-toly."

A Ministry of Education is preparing a time bomb — poluplatnoe, and later, apparently, pay-secondary education. Minister evasive answers directly to questions. Like, you misunderstood … Not exactly … What could be a better upgrade than the free medicine and education?

Arriving to the Far East, our president gave, saying that it would be necessary to reduce the Russian time zones. Oh no, we just can not go on living!

Of course, our "steering" and has merit. Salaries are paid on a regular basis, many — in connection with the modernization — nanozarplaty. Ruble knocked down the euro and the dollar, to Russia in the world are treated with more respect than in the 90th, as the Russian military to clean off the rust from nedoprodannogo missiles and weapons. But not all the time to drive our country into a vector showing off in front of the West! And to believe that modernization — is when the students in the Russian cities in the boots sit in unheated schools for computers.

Our president at all, which did not come, first ask how things are going with nanotechnology, investment, innovation, and then sits down at the keyboard and begins to skillfully and selflessly clicking the "mouse". I have the feeling that in his youth he not played enough computer games. But most of all he was pleased when he said that in Russia in three years in each apartment must be televisi
ons with the function of 3D. I already watch the news without fear not! And if in the format of 3D? This is what an earthquake in the living room, a flood in the bedroom, a prostitute in the bathroom, emergency duty in the corridor, at the dinner table from morning till night — the president with the prime minister, and wanders around advertising dinosaur Dino?

Once again I repeat: I am not against modernization. But first it would be necessary to fix water pipes and gas pipes, renovate schools, to equip the nursing home washing machines, toilets and showers — even if it is without the laser control, but you can just wash it!

Among the officials — I witness this — after all sensible people caught. I know, for example, the governors, who have raised their province. Why not one of them dares to express our leaders — steering the truth? Why do they consider it their duty to only buck at every turn, making any absurdity, descended from above, as in Soviet times turned into a snowball, and not pure white? So it was once the food program and alcohol Immunization Campaign … It looks like the same thing will happen with the upgrade. The people have an anecdote told a case where one governor came to the temple and began to question the authoritative priest how the modernization of the church. The father was witty: "All right, prepare karaoke with prayers!"

I would advise our president today primarily to upgrade the bureaucratic swamp, and the language of the current government, make servants of the people tuning of cordiality and upgrade decency.

In the meantime, the modernization of our country like trying to put on a tuxedo smelly bum. It is like it is in the butterfly, but from it still smells bad …

PS We have a party on which it depends. Called — the "United Russia". You know, as it is called by the people? "I shall reach Russia."

PPS Did you know that …

recently conducted a survey of public opinion, "How do you feel about upgrading?" 20% said they did not know what it is. 80% said they have stopped doing it as early as adolescence.

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