Mogilev: Tell the truth activists damaged the door

With service vskrytstsya locks Mogilev activists "Tell the truth"Today managed to get to his office. Unidentified attackers damaged the door locks. Called to the scene of the accident the police drew up a report about the offense.

One of the leaders of the Mogilev "Tell the truth" Igor Kovalenko believes that the property of the organization harmed the security forces. He said this, and the policeman.

Igor Kovalenko, "This is all the work of the KGB. Their provocation. They chose the path of petty tyranny. Prankish they thus not for the first time. First time in the lock box disguised skrepak. It happened immediately after the May raid, when we took office equipment and printed materials. Now, taped his mortar, which is so zakalyanela that tear some of it there was no way. Service vskrytstsya break the door locks. Now we change the two locks. Last Friday, when we went to a corporate meeting, three cars of our activists were detained by traffic police. Then they had the police conducted a search. Nothing was found. As we reported today, our neighbors — Friday two guys in civil inquire where we go, who we are and that we are going to do. And today's event, and searched cars on Friday — is an attempt to intimidate the intelligence of our activists. "

Friday's search vehicles activists


Tell the truth

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