Moscow: How much grams of the Moon?




July 20 marked a remarkable event in the history of mankind — 35 years ago, the messenger of the Earth first set foot on another celestial body. How did this event is highlighted, in particular, the "Channel" television?

We were reminded that 35 years ago did leg of a U.S. citizen Neil Armstrong touched the moon. But then … Choking voice informed the audience about the cost of the project — $ 24 billion, that while the astronauts flew to the moon, NASA began massive layoffs (50 million workers), then — that funding for the program was reduced by 40%. The end of the reporting was just awesome, "the Soviet Union was able to do the same thing with the machines."

More than a strange statement. On the moon, visited six American expeditions (Apollo-11, -12, -14, -15, -16 and -17), from there to deliver 380 kg of lunar soil. Three Soviet lunar automatic stations (Luna-16, -20 and -24) delivered 324 grams. At one time it was stated that the automatic lunar expedition cost is 10 times cheaper than the U.S., that is, to $ 2.4 billion. It is easy to calculate the cost of 1 gram of lunar soil brought by the Americans (63,000 dollars) and Soviet stations ($ 7 million).

But it's not the cost — the science has always been an expensive affair. The fact that the impact of space research, the introduction of space technologies in everyday life on both sides of the Atlantic have been quite different. We can be proud of as many Soviet space guns, but so far no one has explained why in a country that created such a unique car, flourished primitive manual labor.

…It took 35 years to the day when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the lunar surface. The country that sent him there, still exists. The country, which has implemented the automatic delivery of lunar soil to Earth, no longer exists.

Sometimes, even on anniversaries, can and should be proud of the achievements that are important to all mankind, and not try to downplay them.

Battery News, 30.07.2004 16:24
Source: The News-Science

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