MZKT-6922 — one of the best chassis in the world

No money problems and turmoil should not affect the military industry, especially when it comes to the Defence sector. In this case, refers to Belarus, where the policy of the military industry plants is determined by the state. Coupled with the fact Belarus continues to intensively cooperate with Russia, namely in terms of supply special chassis for the installation of various types of weapons. The creation of the chassis is engaged Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant.

Since the 80s of the twentieth century, has become a classic, installation of air defense base on the caterpillar, although the 60-70s in the armed forces used wheel complexes "Wasp" and "Strela-1". But it is worth noting that despite the trivial dignity, tracked vehicles have a number of shortcomings. Thus, their price is still above the wheel, they have in store the smallest stroke and even the smallest period of operation. Because the value in the current time is given in the main wheel chassis.

For the military, it has become a common event that new standards of Russian-made weapons creates a long period of time. But if earlier the main reason was to shortcomings or lack of funding, at the moment — is the loss of technology and design schools. Belarusians are almost the only ones who managed to keep the production of recent years, and therefore it is logical that our native land purchases Ming chassis for its own tactical and strategic missile systems. As you know, earlier Minsk factory made three prototypes of the base for military vehicles to order concern "Almaz-Antey".

Relatively recently Belarusians amused next novelty. Bimbo machine received the title of MZKT-6922. She managed to make enough for a small period of time. In 2006, the spring was accomplished protection engineering design in Moscow, and after only one year, in June 2007, the first machine appeared in Russia. It was installed anti-aircraft missile complex "Tor-M2E".

Danae development was to some extent innovative, because for the first time in the practice of the Belarusian designers have created corpus, not Skid chassis. Housing was made of iron sheets with built gain elements. By the way, the model came out very longish (about 9.5 meters) and low (2.3 meters). But coupled with the fact she was quite broad in order to freely positioned in the cabin 4 people (the width of the machine was about 3 meters).

The car has independent heating and kondyuk, which gives the opportunity to exploit the chassis in a temperature range of -40 to +50 degrees. The dashboard is very reminiscent cockpit, because the panel includes computer monitors information management system. Their information is displayed on different systems machine. In the event of a failure, the system will tell the fault, will also give advice to address it.

In addition, the operating equip the body, hardware, and motor-transmissiynym compartments. In the rear compartment of the unit is located. In addition, the probable and the option of a local book (if requested by the customer).

It should be noted that especially for this machine was designed unique-independent hydropneumatic suspension. The higher mobility of the machine allows a hydromechanical transmission GMP-400, two-speed transfer case, a powerful eight-cylinder diesel engine JAMZ-7513.10 turbocharged and 525/70R21 tires with improved features (inflated flotation and adjustable air pressure).

MZKT-6922 can move on though what roads and at least some areas. The greatest characteristics of motion — turning radius: 12.5 meters, fording depth: more than 1 meter, load capacity 12 tons, maximum speed of 85 km per hour, the total weight of 30 tons. In addition, two fuel tank capacity of 200 and 530 liters. co-efficient engine provide in store in the order of one thousand kilometers.

Such properties could not remain unnoticed by anyone, and therefore it is logical that chassis MZKT-6922 was used in the process of work on the modernization of the deepest anti-aircraft missile complex "Wasp". Initially, this complex was placed on a floating chassis BAZ Bryansk automobile production, but similar structures have long been discontinued. The new version of SAM has received the title of "Osa-1T" 9K33-1T. In turn, upgraded complex became the basis for an autonomous mobile anti-aircraft missile complex of the small-range "Stiletto", which is also located on MZKT-6922. Moreover, it is one of the versions, and multi-purpose gun-missile system A3.

And, in the end, this chassis is also used as a base for the latest update anti-aircraft missile complex "Buk" medium-range — "Buk M2."

Chassis MZKT-6922 has successfully passed all tests on Russian military test sites, getting enough highest marks. At the same time, the experts at TSAMTO of predictions about what will be the demand for the instrument. Thus, in their opinion, the volume of the market by 2013 will grow to 23 billion dollars. With all of this in great demand will benefit from specific systems small and medium-range, so the price of comparable low.

So Makarov, there is a great possibility that the chassis and Minsk will have great prospects. At the same time the chassis of this model are carried out not only for export, and come into service of the Belarusian armed forces with a set of "Tor-M2".

Note also that for the Russian army and Ming manufacturers offer another novelty — MZKT-79292, but its properties are to a large extent from the above model. Mass of the latest model is 63 tons, the first and last pair of wheels — controlled. Turning radius is 20 meters (length of the machine is 16 meters). Engine — 503 horsepower. But speed is only 40 km per hour.

There are moderate and more than kinds of techniques that are in high demand: MZKT-74295, MZKT-65273. With all of this very basic feature of all vehicles produced in Belarus is the speed of deployment — from 10-15 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the model of the machine and its destination).

So Makar, despite repeated statements by the Russian Defense Ministry that they are willing to turn away from the Belarusian chassis, in practice, things are different. Both Belarusian factories very well continue to create for the Russians military equipment.

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