NATO peacekeepers opened fire

NATO peacekeepers opened fireSerbian authorities have said the abolition of the talks with Pristina until such time as will not be restored calm in the Serbian-Kosovo border. The other day, as a result of collisions at the checkpoint, "Yasmin" suffered very little, 16 Serbs and four soldiers NATO. According to the Alliance fighter, first used by the local inhabitants. The protesters, in turn, argue that the peacekeepers fired on unarmed people.

Stones, bottles and even home-made bombs … Local residents strongly stormed peacekeepers NATO after those bulldozers demolished one of the barricades erected by the Serbs on the way to the roadblock pt "Yasmin". In response, the military used force. Speaker KFOR Ralph Adamec said: "" We are not politicians, and soldiers, and when we are faced with the danger outside, then act accordingly. We have quite a weapon and skill to respond to anger correctly and firmly. "

The representatives of KFOR said they used tear gas and stun grenades in self-defense, and fired only rubber bullets. In the end, the list of the wounded about 20 protesters, four are in the languid state. They were taken by ambulance to the hospital Mitrovica, with the export of the affected ambulance also came under fire. Who discovered the fire and what ammo for certain is unclear.

Hospital chief Dr. Milan Ya said: "I do not know whether to use the peacekeepers fired rubber bullets, live ammunition, but if someone had shot, since all the victims who came here, just gunshot wounds from combat weapon."

The protesters claim that the men NATO fired on unarmed people. In general, there are victims and in the midst of peacekeepers — four soldiers were slightly injured. The reaction of the European mission in Kosovo followed immediately, and laid responsibility for the mess at the local Serbs. The Speaker of the EU mission in Kosovo, Nicholas Houghton said: "A group of people tried to break through the cordon of peacekeepers, a few man injured. This is a severe incident. Local residents do not have to break the law. "

The situation on the administrative border of Serbia and Kosovo escalated in the middle of September this year. Then the Kosovar Albanians in the one-sided manner almost captured PPC "Yasmin" by posting there own customs and police officers. Kosovo Serbs trying to stop their work, blocked the two roads through the checkpoint. In 2008, local residents completely destroyed this checkpoint into a symbol of protest against the declaration of independence of Kosovo. At the moment, dealing with the situation at the border — the main task of the Serbian diplomats. According to them, until the tension subsides, a brand new round of talks between Belgrade and Pristina is not out of the question.

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