NATO should Testing «lively»

NATO should Testing
Scout ships of NATO exhibit excessive enthusiasm for the new corvette 20380 «Courageous,» which provides the set of sea trials in the Baltic.
As told «Interfax» a staff officer of the Baltic Fleet (BF), «each output a» lively «from the Baltic to the sea polygons for assignments sea trials held under the close supervision of NATO reconnaissance ships.» «For corvette constantly watching scouts special courts in Germany, Poland, and Sweden, which does not go into this military alliance, — he said.
According to the officer, foreigners closely track down all the acts of the crew and the commissioning team. They pay increased attention on the interaction of a «lively» with BF ships that provide driving tests.
«They know that» Courageous «is built for the Baltic Fleet and the same will be the third ship in its composition. Because zabugornye scouts so obviously studying its combat and operational capabilities «, — concluded the agency.
As reported in the current time of «Severnaya Verf» conducts driving tests corvette «Courageous», which made the transition from St. Petersburg to Baltiysk.
Launching the second serial corvette «Courageous» 20380, was held at the «Northern shipyard» April 15, 2011 Laid it was in July 2005.
The lead ship of the series is the corvette «Guarding» (pictured), which became part of BF and 27 February 2008. First series corvette project — «Savvy» — was transferred to BF in October 2011

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