Nekljaev: If the Belarusian — this is not a diagnosis, we need to get out of the hospital for the spiritually sick

Today in court the Frunze district court of Minsk ended the debate — were three lawyers accused Anastasia Palazhanka and Vladimir Neklyaeva, and all six of the defendants acted with the last words.

Nyaklyayeu in his final statement drew attention to the fact that the court ironically located on the street Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, and read the excerpt from "Pinsk gentry" Svidetselyam had seen Draco and raznyali derushchyhsya — 10 vines on the carpet and a fine of 10 rubles in favor of vremennaga prysutstviya, all off which are not seen fighting for something that is not seen … "And hereafter classic.

"Is not that so? .. Is this phantasmagoria, this court in a mental hospital in which all of us — who judge, who prosecutor who accused — has driven the power, not the reality? .. Is" vremennae prysutstvie "judge me not for what that I "did not see the fight, but a crash and thus could not derushchyhsya Massacre"?

Everyone knows: the loony bin is easy to get — hard to get out of it. Especially when you report that you yourself made a choice: voted to live in a mental hospital. But if we are normal people, if the Belarusian — this is not a diagnosis, we need to get out of the hospital for the spiritually sick. Along with doctors and nurses. "

The last words of six defendants had different content, mood, tone. After a presentation by each of the defendants present in the courtroom applauded loudly. This caused a sharp remarks of the judge.

Alexander Fyaduta In his speech a kind of "work on the bugs":

"Now our mistakes. They were, it must be admitted. Should temper their own ambitions, to talk to each other and listen to each other. What happened, it was possible not because there was a conspiracy, but because it was not. 'Cause that on the eve of the staffs were unable to agree, were not able to coordinate their actions and to ensure the full order. "

Anastasia Palazhanka after the process of the experience:

"Our court is very different from all the others because we are all on the bench, there is no one in the cage. Today's speech inspired with the fact that we are sure will come on May 20 from the courtroom. And all of this is a consequence, all 10 days foolish forgetfulness of this litigation cost of this last day with such heartfelt speeches and confidence of people who are not afraid to speak and were convinced of his innocence. "

Vitaly Rymashevski in his final statement to the judge and the prosecutor expressed sympathy, said he did not envy them. Very proud that he is in the dock with a great poet, thanked all colleagues on the dock. After the process opined:

"I was interested to hear my colleagues, lawyers also well acted. But, of course, there is no joy in the background of the results that the prosecutor asked the trial Statkevich and Uss. They demanded the greatest time. Just a horrible thing what's going on. So far, the repression is not stopped. If I stay on the loose (do not know the judge may render a different verdict, and more rigid than the prosecutor asked) — it is necessary to free other wrongfully convicted people. "

Verdict Nyaklyaeu, Rymasheuski, Fyaduta, Wozniak, Dmitrieva and Palazhanka judge will on May 20 in the 16-hours.


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