New ATV LYNX-400

The company "Russian engineer" (Rybinsk) — Russia's only manufacturer of snowmobiles serial — in March 2011 begins assembly of new ATV "LYNX 400". Russian kvadrolyubiteli not spoiled by an abundance of highly reliable low cost ATVs with engine 400 cm3, so the emergence of a new model of JSC "Russian Mechanics" is of great interest.

ATV is equipped with a 4-stroke single-cylinder liquid-cooled, 400 cm3, which develops power 28l.s. This is a single-wheel-drive model is equipped with auto-locking front differential. With a dry weight of 309kg power-ATV "LYNX 400" is 0.91 hp 10kg weight on the ATV. This is enough for a vigorous drive in all modes of operation. To slow the ATV use powerful hydraulic disc type brakes, and brake discs are mounted on each of the 4-wheel ATV, allowing precise dosing of stopping power. MacPherson-type front suspension, characterized by its simplicity and reliability, the ATV gives excellent handling. The rear suspension on the trailing arm with coil springs variable stiffness allows the driver to choose the optimum settings for the drive or on a flat road or on the harsh terrain.

Wheelbase 1250 mm, ground clearance of 230 mm, and a limited-slip front differential provide all terrain vehicles "LYNX 400" serious off-road capability. Insurance for the "extreme" will serve installed as standard winch.

The ATV has a lower level in the transmission that will not only please fans of climbing on the "mud", but also those who need to tow a heavy trailer. ATV is equipped with trailer tow bar already in the database.

Fuel tank capacity, in contrast to the accepted in the class ATV 300 — 500 cc Twelve liters of 16litrov that will significantly increase the mileage on one tank.

Stylish alloy wheels and chrome-coated mirrors, camouflage paint (there are other color options) to make the ATV "LYNX 400" form a formidable predator of the cat family.

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