New breeding complex opened in the Soviet district of the Altai Territory

The new livestock pavilion designed for content on the "cold method" 250 head of cattle.

According to the villagers Kokshov, back in June of last year there were literally ruins — only fragments of walls so dilapidated plate perekrytiy.A now stand in their place  three spacious halls for the cows and calves, dairy unit, complete with the latest technology, and utility rooms.

Construction began in the summer of 2011 and were less than half a year. Amount of the restoration costs amounted to about 25 million rubles, the press service of the agricultural holding «Goodwill». Livestock complex in a. Kokshov — JSC part SHP "fruitful", which, in turn, is part of a group of agricultural agricultural holding «Goodwill». 

According to the general director of "fruitful", the farm is implementing a number of measures to improve the quality of the herd and increase milk production. "We now have a valid premises — said General Director of" fruitful "V. Grankin — but not enough, and we plan to increase the dairy herd. For these purposes, just created a new pavilion. "


Head of Administration of the Soviet District Basil Weber noted that the positive changes in the livestock and the link is well reflected on the inhabitants of the village Kokshov. "There are new jobs, people get a decent wage. In private conversations, the villagers say directly that I finally came to the real owner for which are not only good production rates, but also people and their quality of life, mood. Of course, the district administration only welcomes such an attitude to agriculture and those who work in it ", — said Vasily Weber.

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