New cars thrust module presented at the CTZ

CTZ on the presentation of the new car Uralvagonzavod, which can move along the rails and on the asphalt, the press service of LLC "CTZ-URALTRAC."
See in action the new traction unit cars (TMB-2) was attended by representatives of car-repair companies from Sverdlovsk, Samara and Chelyabinsk and Perm regions, as well as the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Opening the presentation, the Deputy General Director of LLC "CTZ-URALTRAC" Andrew Sentyabov reported that since 2013, the new car will be produced in the parent company of the corporation, and the site of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant.
Himself thrust module presented the main expert KB MAP Andrei Anokhin and project manager for the TMB-2 Leonid Zelepukhin. Guests are told that the car was conceived as an effective alternative to shunting locomotives, but today the scope of its activity widened.
According to the press service, the new module is used not only in the formation of compounds, shunting and train operations on the territory of the railroad companies, he established himself on the in-port and transport. Can also be used when cleaning the yard area of debris and snow. If the machine is equipped with special nozzles, for example, mounted crane, electric or hydraulic jack, the range of applications increase even more.
"The module made a favorable impression — said after the demonstration Alexander Makarenko, Head of Technical Development and Information Company" Magistral "of Perm. — This is a new word in the development of technology." "In our country such units do not issue — continued arrived from Kazakhstan LLP Director of" Centre Commerc "Askar Imanaliev. — At my plant them either, but they would come in handy there."
Uralvagonzavod produced the first batch of five thrust modules, the chief specialist KB MAP Andrei Anokhin. One in January 2013 was tested in Kurgan. Ground has become a "Carriage Repair Company 3" where TMB-2 for two weeks on rails gondola cars, tanks, platforms. Another car was sent to the JSC "Chelyabinsk Mining Group", which Uvelsky area. There working in a quarry, from which transports refractory, ceramic and modeling clay.
Today the company is preparing for the release of 50 production units traction cars. To work is scheduled to begin in April.

Traction unit cars TMB-2

Multi Purpose Vehicle TMV-2 performed on the combined rail-wheeled intended for:

  • work in enterprises with the railway, when the shunting and train operations on the territory of the enterprise;
  • work in the depots of transportation along the track up to 15 empty freight cars, shipping them to the repair facility, staging and cleaning of freight cars on the position of repair;
  • use as a power unit for delivery and ensure efficiency hydroficated tools and equipment for operational maintenance and troubleshooting on the tracks and crossings, repairing the permanent way, as well as during special or emergency recovery operations;

In the performance of air-tyred intended for the transport of cargo to the loading platform or trailer by road.

The chassis has the ability to install plates DIN-15432: 2008 for front hanging operating equipment used in the repair and maintenance of path elements of the treatment of industrial areas (depots) and intertrack spaces of snow, dirt and debris, loading and unloading operations, and maintenance of overhead tunnel construction, both on road and on rail communications, as well as the liquidation of Emergency Situations of various kinds.

Protection — In accordance with GOST 15150.

Type versatile vehicle frame construction with two drive axles, with controlled front and rear wheels, with the front and rear wheels of the guide rail.
Engine diesel TCD 2013 L04 2V, meets environmental standards «Tier-3"
Rated power, kW (hp). 122 (165)
Nominal force, kN (kgf) 20
Maximum tractive force, kN 32
Maximum speed on wheels, km / h 42
The rate of movement along the track at a nominal tractive effort by 5% rise km / h 12
Minimum radius of horizontal curve, traced the course of the train, m 30
Diameter rail. wheels rolling circle, mm 260
Wheelbase, mm 3200 ± 10
Ground clearance, mm, not less 380
Overall dimensions, mm
— width 2445 ± 50
— length with plate DIN-15432: 2008 and rear automatic coupler 6600 ± 50
— length with front and rear automatic coupler 7100 ± 50
— height 3415 ± 50
Track, wheel loaders, mm 1590 ± 20
Track, the train speed, mm 1520
Weight-propelled chassis, kg:
— structural (dry) 8350 ± 250
— Operational 9000 ± 250
Maximum capacity body, kg 2000
Type Coupler compatible with the SA-W
Height of pulling faces of the rail head, mm 1060 ± 20
The greatest Obstacles:
— ascent and descent 18
— ramp angle 40
Continuous operation without refueling while loading diesel, working hours, not less 16
Time to prepare for operation of diesel and time of the start-up (at an ambient temperature of minus 40 ° C), min, max 30

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