New cement plant opened in Leningrad region

LSR Group has launched a new cement plant in the shales of the Leningrad region.
It is assumed initially produce 1.86 million tons of cement a year, then, according to the draft, possibly doubling the production capacity.

LSR Group — A diversified company in the building materials, real estate development and construction.

LSR uses more than one million tons of cement per year, accounting for a significant share of the total market volume of cement in the region. The company estimates that around the North-West Federal District this year requires 4.1 million tons of cement, next year this figure will increase to 6.2 million tons, and by 2013 will reach 7.6 million tons.

The builder of the plant was the company "Cement". It is a subsidiary of Hefei Cement Reserchand Design Institute (China). For the construction of the production was selected an area of 40 hectares. Location due to the fact that nearby are the main suppliers of raw materials: piles of rocks (of "Lenigradslanets" and of "Slate"), deposits of clay ("large field") and limestone ("Dubo").

Use piles of rocks, which occupy a large area under the slates, the company offered FLSmidght &Co (Denmark), which acted as a supplier. Experts believe that the technology of cement production from waste is successful from the point of view of ecology.

Credited the construction and equipment of the cement plant "Vnesheconombank" (237 million euros), ABN AMRO / HSBC (107 million euros). Approximately 100 million euros, LSR Group has invested yourself. Investments have also been implemented for the construction of road infrastructure and pipelines.

Manual LSR considers its competitors Pikalevsky, Savvinskiy cement plants and plant Cesla, also located in the shale. However, the group relies on modern equipment, increase cement prices and expects to recoup the investment in 8 years.

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