New Channel History began broadcasting on Victory Day

The new thematic channel "History" began broadcasting in Russia and the CIS countries. Its chief editor was appointed journalist Alexey Denisov, who said at the presentation that will prove the viewer: the story — it's bright, interesting, intriguing and informative.

Among the prime channel: the cycle that tells about the achievements, symbols, and names Russia recognized and well-known all over the world — "Symbols of Russia," the program "History of Russia in orders", which tells about all the rewards that have ever existed in the history of the country — from Muscovy, the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and to the Russian Federation, as well as "the great battles of history 100", "100 great generals of the world", "History of arms", "History of the USSR. How was it," "Museum Secrets" and others. 

As said at the presentation of the State Historical Museum head of the Directorate of digital television RTR Igor Shestakov, "this is the third channel in the cognitive line of" Digital TV "along with" My Planet "and" Science 2.0 "." We lacked the historical aspect, and today we run it, "- said Shestakov.

"Channel interesting new view of the historical process, because in the past all such programs came to us, for example, from foreign broadcasters," — he said.

"We have a lot of ready-made movies, but we continue to work on the creation of new programs," — said Shestakov. Head of Directorate of digital television RTR noted that "at the time of launching the" History "already has about 5 million subscribers, which is, of course, is a good start." In his words, "the channel is designed for a broad audience, it will be interesting for both young and old." Channel will be available in all cable, satellite and multiservice networks in Russia and the CIS countries.

"Today, we are in negotiations with several major cable operators to include the" History "in the broadcast packets — told Shestakov. — And we are open to any suggestions metropolitan and regional broadcasters." Editor in Chief of TV channel "History" Alexei Denisov said that the channel provides a glimpse into the past, to learn about the ancient civilizations of the great geographical discoveries of the great wars and victories, great people.

According to the rector of the Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichego, "this channel is very necessary to schoolchildren, students, our citizens."

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