New domestic excavator for Southern Kuzbass

"Southern Kuzbass" subsidiary of JSC "Mechel-Mining", reports that cut "Krasnogorsk" being installed new excavator EKG-18.

Structural elements of excavator production of "Uralmashplant" were delivered by rail and by special trucks from Yekaterinburg. To transport the equipment needed 7 wagons, 11 platforms, 6-transporter wagons and 12 car carriers, and the total weight of the shipment was 700 tons. Installation of an excavator with representatives provider carried out by experts of the branch of "Southern Kuzbass" — Managing the repair and cut workers' Krasnogorsky "who will operate the new equipment.

To work on an excavator formed a team of 9 people who are now being trained in the training center of "Southern Kuzbass". Crew headed by Vladimir Bryzgalov driver with more than 20 years of experience.


To work in the area of the cut number 2 "Krasnogorsky" new technology will begin in August. Mining excavator EKG-18 with a bucket capacity of 18 cubic meters will be used for the conduct of stripping. Due to the special shape of the bucket — with a broadened front and rear walls reduced — it is better implemented in the face, completely full, reducing energy consumption and reducing the time to download.

The machine is equipped with modern AC drive, which ensures lower operating and energy costs. For the control of all the parameters of the working process and information technology is equipped with a microprocessor control systems, as well as diagnostics tools and components.

Comfortable for miners in the cab includes a modern air conditioning system, heat and vibration, comfortable desk chair, refrigerator and microwave oven.

"The new ECG-18, which has 2 serial number, manufactured in such a powerful and influential Russian company as Uralmashplant. He replaces overage excavator EKG-20, for technical re-equipment — a priority of our company, "- said the managing director of" Southern Kuzbass "Victor Skulditsky.

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