New dredger designed Rostov designers

Rostov Design Bureau "Stapel" handed over to the customer dredge DGF 2000 performance at 3000 m water3/ Hr

Type dredger — a floating, self-propelled, diesel, collapsible dredge frame with replaceable tip for cutting and hydraulic excavation method. Purpose of the dredger — maintaining the size of the channel, approach channel and the depth at the berths. The vessel was designed by Russian River Register class "M-SP3, 5 (ice 20)" in accordance with the Rules of the PPP, the 2008 edition of the Technical and safety regulations for inland water transport facilities and the rules of PPP. Stability, damage stability and unsinkable dredger meet the requirements of the Rules of PPP for ships of this class. Area of operation — in accordance with the class, pools the category of "M-SP." Expected place of operation — the Ob and Taz Bay and Gydanskaya lip.  Operation of the ship on purpose — the navigation period, at an ambient temperature of up to 35-10єS єS, with restrictions due to weather conditions, at the discretion of the Harbour Master and / or the commander of the dredger. Dredger body consists of 8 pontoons — 2 Central (engine room and the room DG) and 3 side pontoon Pr.B and LB, loose-tank fuel supply, waste water and drinking water. Connect pontoons bolted together. Dimensions of each pontoon allow it to transport cars or w / e transport. Ship's propulsion system consists of: a drive motor CAT-32 with gearbox ZF-5300, working on soil pump GrUT3000/63 a capacity of 2000 m3/ H, the auxiliary diesel generator DT-600-T400RK capacity of 600 kVA harbor generator DT-85-T400RD4-W80 housing capacity of 85 kVA. The project provides all the necessary equipment dredger ship devices, systems, supplies, elektroradiooborudovaniem in accordance with the requirements of Regulation PPP and the Technical Regulations of the safety facilities of inland waterway transport.

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