New insulation material for ventilated facades IZOVAT FG

IZOVAT company introduced a product line of materials for ventilated facades — slabs of basalt fiber matting with glass tissue as windbreaksIZOVAT FG


To date Ventfasad — one of the most effective methods of facades of buildings. Natural air flow in the air gap between the insulation and facade panels provide ventilation, which brings moisture from the insulation and walls, thereby preventing the reduction of heat-shielding properties of insulation and ensuring conservation of the design temperature indoors irrespective of any weather conditions.

IZOVAT FGwas designed for high-rise buildings where there strong air streams. Laminating glass tissue reduces the heat loss from the material under the influence of wind, prevents the penetration of moisture into the fiber insulation, the insulation protects against the damaging effects of the wind, which gives the material a special durability.

As with all materials on the basis of rockwoolIZOVATIZOVAT FGalso has the properties of energy efficiency, fire safety, environmental, acoustic comfort, healthy microclimate.
Also new features provide easy and easy installation, reducing installation time of isolation, apart from this there is no need for extra wind protection.

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