New Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in the capital of the Urals

In January, the grand opening of the Museum of Vladimir Vysotsky in the business center "Vysotsky" in Yekaterinburg.

Vysotsky Museum is located in the same business center on Malyshev Street, on the floor 1a — after the entrance to the left and up the stairs. Admission is free, Monday and Tuesday — closed.

The entire exhibition is located in one room of about 250 m2. It is divided into several sections. The first is devoted to childhood Volodya Vysotsky picture house where he was born and lived the first years, things of that time, including the personal belongings of the poet. Thus, in the corner of the display cases are skis with bamboo sticks — to a tee, such as a small picture next to Vysotsky.

You start to feel the atmosphere of the museum on the stairs leading to his door.

Many of the exhibits are really belonged Wysocki — for example, like this bag. The rest are designed to recreate the atmosphere of those years.

In the photo — Vladimir skiing. Exactly the same skis are in the corner of the display case.

The second great showcase dedicated to the theatrical life of Vladimir Semenovich. Here you can see the layout of the scenery of "Hamlet", which had previously stood in the lobby business center "Antaeus". Him among the more than thirty other exhibits gave Vysotsky Museum in Moscow.

Well-framed massive column of the building — in the form of a theatrical afishnoy tables

on — recreated in a glass room number 464 of the Sverdlovsk hotel "Ural Great" in which Vysotsky lived during a tour in 1962. The same door and even numbered thereon. At the entrance — the closet of the "Big Ural", which are personal belongings of the poet — scarf and cap. Interior of a hotel room is recreated down to the smallest detail, there is almost no remake. On the bed lay an old armor-clad semistrunka.

This hotel in Sverdlovsk Vysotsky wrote letters.

Next is a multimedia area, where they will hold themed events. Small podium symbolizes the stage on which the microphone at the time. The screen continuously demonstrated video clips of performances — like Vysotsky sitting right here on the stage. And in the corner is a reel tape recorder with a remote microphone, similar to those on which the singer recorded performances. Here hangs a replica, made from the death mask of the poet.

Microphone Vysotsky complements the concert atmosphere.

In the corner of the stage recorder is the time when the concerts were recorded on a reel.

Further exposed the famous "Mercedes" of Vladimir Vysotsky, the one that belonged to him since 1976. Car in terrible condition found and purchased in Georgia, carefully concealing her story from the seller that he is not overpriced.

Andrew Gavrilovsky once exhibited "Mercedes" in the business center at the awards ceremony Taffy, which took place in a skyscraper. We caught a moment and persuaded the owner to reveal to us the car.
This time, surpassing "Mercedes" from the parking lot to the exhibition hall asked the deputy head of the city administration Alexander Vysokinsky.

Next to the "Mercedes" is a wax figure of Vladimir Vysotsky — such as we remember him for the movie "Thank you for living." It is also made on the death mask of the poet.

Stand on the film "Vysotsky. Thank you for living. "

The end of the exhibition is dedicated to the film — in a separate window which is displayed in a non-stop, and on the large stand alongside pictures of the cast and crew — their comments about the movie.

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