New nature park in Dagestan will keep animals in the Red

On the territory of the Russian Federation, in the south of Dagestan, a new nature park "Itsari".

According to reports from the government of Dagestan, a decree on creating a natural park was signed May 15, 2012.


New nature park in naspolozhenny Dahadaevskoy area in the upper reaches of the river Ulluchay, will keep such animals in the Red, as the Caucasian black grouse and bearded goat, said the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia.

"Nature Park will keep hundreds of species of plants and animals, including rare species such as the Caucasian black grouse, bearded vulture, griffon vulture, vulture, imperial eagle, the bezoar (bearded) goat. Presumably, go to the park leopard", — the report said.

It clarifies the WWF Russia, the total area of the park is 5.4 thousand hectares, which includes the pristine natural landscapes and cultural and historical monuments of past centuries, for example, a defensive tower of the XIV century, vozvyshayuschayusya over the village. Itsarinskaya tower is included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of federal significance, it is the largest surviving in the North Caucasus. In recent years Dahadaevsky area became a center of tourism development in Dagestan.

"Training Renewal of creating natural park" Itsari "in the upper reaches Ulluchay was conducted with the support of WWF Russia", — stated in the message.

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