New oat plant is running in the Altai region

March 14 in the Smolensk region of Altai Krai launched a new oat plant. Production is placed on the territory of Ust-Katun grain-enterprise, part of the agricultural holding "Goodwill". New capacity ovsozavoda will increase the production of oat products in 4 times.

Construction began in April 2012, in February of this year, held a test run of equipment under load, which showed that all production sites work rhythmically.

The production capacity of the plant, with a total area of over 1,000 square meters, is 100 tons of grain per day (60 tons of finished products per day). The total investment in the project amounted to more than 120 million rubles of its own funds agricultural holding.


On ovsozavode installed modern equipment of German and Swiss manufacturers, and also used a new and unique production technology, developed by German experts. Pre-some equipment has been tested successfully on another manufacturing plant of agricultural holding "Altai grain" in the village Soviet.

Such a thoughtful and thorough approach to the production of oat products ensures production of high quality products made from oats that have a longer shelf life. This becomes especially important in connection with the market trend of rising consumption of oat products (both in Russia and abroad, based on studies ICAR, 2012).

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