New Operator Waste Management will help manage industry

 Industry waste management needs a national operator on a public-private partnership that would encourage its development in the region and, in particular, support the treatment of waste for energy purposes, the deputy chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Natural Monopolies Valentine Mezhevich.

Speaking at a round table conference on renewable energy sources (RES) in the forum "Atomexpo 2012," Mezhevich said that when discussing the development in Russia of energy from renewable energy sources undeservedly little attention to waste for energy purposes, whereas the potential of this source is high.

"I think unfairly, shall we say, biased passed work on waste management for energy … I think that without more attention to the problem of the state we can not do" — said Mezhevich.

He noted that a draft law on waste management, including the design of the Federation Council, regulates many of the issues that were previously not regulated, in particular, the issues of ownership of the waste and the treatment of secondary resources, the use of best available technology (BAT).

"For the objective of monitoring and management (recycling) believe that a public-private partnership we need to create a national operator of waste management" — said Mezhevich.

In his view, the main drivers of the industry waste in Russia should be regions.

"Because of different regions in different ways, because of the different environmental conditions, different attitude to this process, we believe that we need and the national operator, which will monitor, promote the work and determine the need for and the value of public support for the process," — said representative of the Federation Council.

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