New product team leading Russian specialists from the Institute of Human Stem Cells.

The team of leading Russian experts in the field of biology and genetics of Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) introduced a product by which the human body are formed and grow new clean vascular network. Neovaskulgen — substance stored in dry form. For intramuscular injection, it is necessary to dilute aqueous solution. The course of treatment — two injections with an interval of fourteen days. According to the Director of Science HSCI Roman Deev, in clinical studies of patients with positive results were evident in a couple of weeks after the second injection.

The principle of operation of genetic therapeutic agent is based on plasmid technology. First circular plasmid with the gene VEGF 165 penetrates into the cells where the information is read, which in turn re-encoded as a set of amino acids which, in fact, a protein in the human body for life. The drug is a supplement to the normal functioning of the system, and the mechanism of its action is not surprising: the person receives the necessary regulatory proteins when it lacks its own. Thus, after the drug is synthesized protein that causes the long-awaited growth of new blood vessels to bypass damaged.

Neovaskulgen opens a new approach in the treatment of ischemia — the application of evolutionary programmed process of formation and growth of blood vessels. This mechanism of action is called therapeutic angiogenesis.

Due to the fact that the action aimed at the treatment Neovaskulgena tissue ischemia by promoting angiogenesis, there is a potential drug for the treatment of other conditions which require the development of collateral circulation. HSCI is preparing to conduct research on other nosology, and may expand the spectrum of indications (eg, ischemic heart disease, ALS, etc.). HSCI also plans to work towards the creation of new gennoterapevticheskih products based on genes and other structures, maintaining status as a leader in the development and advancement of gene therapy in the pharmaceutical market.

The development of neovaskulgena, which was conducted almost ten years have been spent a lot of money: in the last five years — about $ 3 million.

Today in this direction with HSCI competing international pharmaceutical company Sanofi-Aventis, the Anglo-Finnish Art-Therapeutics, American Cardium Therapeutics and Vical Incorporated, but research conducted by them alone and no counterparts neovaskulgenu yet been found.

"The first batch of neovaskulgena ready, but we can not deliver it to hospitals and pharmacies — for months waiting for certification — the general director of HSCI Artur Isaev. — However Roszdravnadzor received approval and registration certificate of Ministry of Health, and the supply should begin no later than the end of August. "


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