New project of modular jack-up platform from OAO RTSPKB Stapel

Ltd. "Harbor" is completing the construction of the modular jack-up platform (MSP-30) for the geotechnical investigations and studies of sea and soil of the river bottom. The project is made of "RTSPKB" Stapel ".


Developing the size range of modular jack-rich sites of "RTSPKB" Stapel "made the smallest project to date site with payload capacity of 30 tons and dimensions 16.8 by 12.2 meters.

The vessel is collapsible platform consisting of a support unit, which consists of a block of modules installed on the deck konteynizirovannyh blocks and four supporting-lifting devices that provide the installation site to job site by support columns. Block sizes that are parsed area does not exceed 2.4 x 2.4 x 12.0 meters. This site allows you to transport to the job site in a disassembled form or by any means of transport.

On-site capacity for rig SBD-5 or equivalent to conduct geotechnical investigations of sea or river bed. In addition to her on the top deck mounted hydraulic unit with an electric drive, a diesel generator in the hood, ships and working devices, and overhead cranes for receiving goods and lowering and lifting. Control house is set on the deck of the first tier.

To ensure the comfort of the crew and workers on the ship unit is provided a container with household room, a cloakroom and a shield.

Energy supply area by means of an autonomous diesel power plant equipped with an AC generator power of 50 kW at an engine speed of 1500 rev / min.

Designed by JSC "RTSPKB 'Slipway' ship complies with all the requirements for fire safety and sanitation standards.

Displacement at full load of 1.15 meters allows the vessel to operate at extreme shallow water. In the state of the ship above water can be at sea depths of up to 20.0 meters, allowing you to perform the work specified depths, avoiding delays in drilling due to inclement weather or rough seas. At depths of 20 to 25 meters working on the ship will stab in the displacement condition, and at depths greater than 25 meters — as a pontoon.

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