New Russian (after the summit)

The stormy four-year preparation for the summit changed the face of Vladivostok. Despite the rush work and deficiencies, the capital of Primorye become more habitable. And a little more modern … In the past four years, Vladivostok was a solid construction site and even got a nickname from the local wits Razrytogorsk. In 2008, when it was just beginning, there was a sea of skeptics. Some even believed that the summit will transfer to St. Petersburg. Others have argued that in any case to complete construction started on time will fail. Even the CEO of Pacific bridge construction company Victor Grebnev said that to build a bridge on the Russian island, where, in fact, held a summit in the timeline impossible from a technological point of view. However, this complex object that has built metropolitan UCSC "Bridge", was put into operation even before the interurban bridge across the Golden Horn, which the company was engaged in Grebneva.

Dealt and other objects — though almost all significantly behind plan. We specify that the concept of "objects of the summit" is too vague. When people talk about the city's preparations for the APEC and the billions spent on it in the list of buildings and include projects such as the gas pipeline Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok, stretched out on the means of "Gazprom", or two shipyards, which are being built in the south of Primorye with Korean and Chinese partners and no relation to the summit have not. Inclusion in the list of construction sites summit enabled us to obtain certain privileges when registering documents, passing the state examination, and so on, which explains the bloated list. More than half of the allocated money — 425 billion rubles — are off-budget sources, usually state-owned companies — "Gazprom", the United Shipbuilding Corporation, Railways, etc. The amount spent by the state on the objects of the summit, a much smaller though still impressive — 219 billion rubles from the federal 35 billion plus budget from the regional budget. August 1 was put into operation on the Russian bridge, which before could only be accessed by ferries. A little later opened a bridge across the Golden Horn, although construction was not completed: the south side of the span is not removed from the temporary supports, have not completed the denouement. Open and low water bridge over part of the Amur Bay in the suburbs — the element alternate road from Vladivostok airport to the city itself. Opened a new airport terminal in Vladivostok Vladivostok, built a little apart from the old. There already transferred maintenance of regular flights. To the new terminal from the train station of Vladivostok laid line for UFA. In Vladivostok, the opening of a new station coastal messages. The old one was demolished for the construction of five-star hotel to the summit of the Hyatt on the waterfront of the Ship. Such hotels in the capital of Primorye built just two, and it is clear that none of them for the summit to be operational no time. After the summit, many of the objects have to finish. In the near future, according to Oleg Bukalova should complete the construction of hotels Hyatt, Opera and Ballet Theatre ("ready by 95 per cent, small stage can already be used"), sports stadium, "Fetisov Hall" in the suburbs. Objects of Palo on the island is not completed laboratory building and a medical center. Despite a number of questions about the appropriateness of a particular object, and Delays, construction summit — definitely a huge infrastructure for the benefit of residents. It's not just about the bridges (especially across the Golden Horn — this dream vladivostoktsev portrayed by another Pre-revolutionary), instantly became the new symbols of the city, but also the wastewater treatment plants, waste treatment complex.


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