New submachine gun OC-69

Tula Instrument Design Bureau again happy new model of weapon, which at this time is very unusual. As you know, it's machine guns are not always suitable for combat in urban environments and indoors, as in the first case there is a risk of hitting the civilian population, in view of the relatively large distance of the bullet, and in the second there is a risk of ricochets off the walls. Naturally, the machines are available for patrons with reduced ability to ricochet, but the stopping power of these weapons remains far from ideal. It is for this reason that the designers have developed a weapon chambered for .45 ACP, and even endowed it with a 30-millimeter grenade launcher. But first things first.

As is clear from the munitions, weapons are sub-machine gun. PCB Layout — Bullpup, weapons can be equipped with a removable appliance silent shooting, which together with the silent grenade launcher makes the phone twice as interesting. Remarkably located in arms controls. And the firing of the PP and a grenade launcher is controlled by only one trigger to switch between parts of the same weapon by a separate switch on the left side of the weapon pistol grip. To switch between automatic and single lamp has a switch on the right side of the pistol grip arms. Handle bolt located under the handle for carrying weapons, the upper surface of which is just a seat and for additional sighting devices. On the front and back of the handle mounted open sights, which are entirely and fly, which are calculated on the distance of firing a weapon up to 150 meters, due to ammunition.


Unfortunately, not everything is known about the weapons and ammunition, but some may assume. So many preliminary surveys suggest that the reduced velocity of 200 meters per second, increasing the weight of the bullet. Personally, I doubt it, but the fact that ammunition is not quite normal can be tolerated, although unlikely. With ammunition for submachine gun like a more or less clear, nothing new in them will not, and that's grenade shots raise a number of questions. One would assume that the grenade launcher works on the same principle as the grenade launcher part of the "Canary", but the store with blanks is not visible in the arm the grenade launcher, or I'm just bad looking. The only possible way of saving noiseless grenade can only be the principle rounds of SP-4, but this is just a guess, so we'll wait a little pozzhe.Otdelno accurate data should be said about the weapon shop, which does not look quite usual, having too thick.

Store this four-row, is not new in its design. So shop itself is a two-lane store with the rebuilding in a row in one case, not only rebuilt cartridges in a row, and in two, in general, it is difficult to explain on the fingers, so it's better to show a picture of what a such a store. Magazine capacity is 40 patrons, which partly compensates for its size. However, the weapons have a sufficiently large thickness, and hence its weight so as to be a decent and if in this case the thickness has little influence on the convenience of handling of the weapon, the weight can now become a serious hindrance of transmission of sub-machine gun.

Interestingly, the butt of arms is adjustable, and its thickness is only a significant positive impact on the compensation of recoil when firing. In general, this submachine gun has to be very well managed due to its layout and pistol cartridge.

Despite the fact that the Weapons little is known, I think that this is the pattern, which is very lacking. In comparison with machine gun the gun should not only be more secure the delivery of fire in the civilian population, but also more effective because of the greater stopping power bullet cartridge .45 ACP. Although there is another side, Target, secured personal body armor means high-end, this pistol gun will operate at very low efficiency. In short, the weapon is necessary, but that's how it will be effective, depends on how it will be used, deliberately or not.

PS The picture is not exactly shop from the PP, but similar in design




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