New unique helicopter joined the Far Eastern rescue

Far Eastern Air and Emergency Rescue Center received a new fleet of Mi-8 helicopter, which has already arrived in Khabarovsk. 

"Profits from the Kazan helicopter plant has a unique modification, specifically designed for search and rescue operations. He will be based in Yakutia, and if necessary, fly to other regions of the Far East," — said in a statement. 

 According to rescuers, the new Mi-8 is equipped with extra fuel tanks for longer without refueling. In the cabin of the helicopter medical module can be installed to transport seriously ill patients, and extended side door allows you to take on board the victims, are on stretchers or in special cradles. 
In addition, the new Mi-8 is equipped with a powerful searchlight, with which at night can be lighted area search and rescue or emergency zone in either direction, as well as selecting a location for a safe landing at night. 
At the same time, a specialized "helicopters" equipped with advanced aviation equipment for more precise control of the aircraft in the air. 
This is the second such Mi-8 coming into service of the Far Eastern rescuers. To date, the disposal of the regional aviation center MOE has already 7 helicopters Mi-8. 
"In the coming years, we expect a few new arrivals of aircraft. This will expand the boundaries of the presence of aircraft Emergencies in the Far Eastern region," — the report says. 
Currently, pilots are constantly Emergency alert in Kamchatka, Yakutia, Primorye and Khabarovsk Krai. In 2013 it is planned to create a special aviation unit in the Sakhalin region, and in 2014 — in Magadan. 
The Mi-8 is a major part of helicopter aviation grouping Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. It is powered by two turboprop engines, the crew — 3 people. Maximum speed — 250 km / h It is used for aerial reconnaissance, rescue workers at the place of landing emergency, evacuation from the area of accidents and natural disasters. 

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