New Uralmash walking excavator went to the Elga coal mine

Uralmashplant completed shipment of dragline ESH 20.90S to the coal company "JAkutugol", which is a part of "Mechel-Mining." The machine will be used to perform the stripping activity in the development of Russia's largest coal mine, "Elga", located on the south-eastern Yakutia.

Excavator EL 20.90S made in northern version, which allows it to operate in environments with temperatures below -50 ° C and withstand significant daily fluctuations in temperature.

To ensure that the equipment in such extreme weather conditions in the production of an excavator used a special grade of steel, cold-resistant varieties of rubber and plastic for sealing and insulation.

Excavator equipped with modern AC drive, automatic centralized lubrication system, information system, video surveillance and fire.

When operating the machine data improvement can reduce the cost of electricity, the cost of maintenance and repair, all of which will help to increase productivity and reduce the cost of the excavator of the coal produced.

For transportation of cargo were involved 90 rail wagons and platforms were also used specialized transporters for transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. The total weight of the equipment supplied — more than 1800 tons.

Installation of the excavator will begin shortly.

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