New York and Washington may die this year




The authoritative British volcanologist Makgvir William (William McGuire) again warned about the real danger of a giant tsunami, which may at any moment fall upon the Atlantic coast of North and South America. Professor Makgvir made the announcement Monday at a briefing in London.
On the possibility of such a disaster experts first began a few years ago. American seismologist Stephen Ward from the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Science at the University of California at Santa Cruz and his English colleague Simon Day have come to the conclusion that a tsunami can cause damage to the existing Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Canary island of San Miguel de la Palma. The last eruption of the Cumbre Vieja, which did not cause serious consequences, occurred in 1949. Ward and Day believe that a new eruption of the volcano is capable to generate a disaster on a planetary scale. Made their calculations show that as a result of shaking the earth's crust can occur collapse of the hillside of the order of 500 cubic kilometers. When this gigantic mass of rock crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, the water formed dome nearly mile high. He will become the center of a huge wave, which will be distributed mainly in the western direction (see diagram) and so basically come down to North and South America.

At one time the world's media have reported in great detail about the forecast Ward and Dai, but then this danger is somehow forgotten. Now about it in the strongest reminded Makgvir professor who heads the Center for the Study of Natural Disasters at London's University College. According Makgvira, Cumbre Vieja could crash into the waters of the Atlantic and a thousand years old, and already this year. As a result of this monstrous landslide occurs wave height of over 150 meters, moving at a speed of 800 kilometers per hour. After two or three hours it reaches the coast of Africa, an hour later — to the South of England, and then reaches the Caribbean and the Americas. By this time, the height of its crest will be from twenty to fifty meters — enough to flood and destroy cities such as Miami, Washington, New York and Boston. The catastrophe of this magnitude can carry tens of millions of lives.

William Makgvir quite made it clear that current technology does not allow the advance to "cut" the Cumbre Vieja volcano. He, however, urged to set on the island of La Palma modern seismological instruments that could be two weeks to warn of the danger of eruption.

Source: Reuters

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