Deck Ka-27PL the first time landed on the deck of the new corvette 20380 «Courageous», told reporters on Friday the head of information security to the press service of the Western Military Area of ​​the Baltic Fleet (BF) second rank captain Vladimir Matveev.
«During another voyage in the framework of industrial step sea trials the ship’s crew and pilots ASW helicopter squadron of Naval Aviation Foundation for the first time worked puzzles landing ASW Ka-27 helicopters on the deck of the corvette», — said Matveev.
According to him, within a day or crew of a helicopter squadron BF made a 10-ka landings on a ship on the move. «In the course of the flight readiness verification systems to receive the helicopter, also starting work team Fri ship», — explained the officer.
In March, the Ka-27 crews will work on the landing deck of the ship NIGHT MODE also perform different firing from the ship’s weapons and take part in the exercise on air defense and anti-submarine.
«Courageous» — This is the third new corvette 20380, which will be part of the Baltic Fleet. The lead ship of the series is the corvette «Guarding» BF passed in February 2008. First series corvette project — «savvy» — Was delivered to the Navy in October 2011.
Ship 20380 is designed for operations in the near maritime zone and combating surface ships and submarines, and artillery support for amphibious assault during amphibious operations. During the construction of the ships used to develop «stealth».
The draft new solutions have been applied to reduce the physical fields of the ship. Namely, managed to significantly reduce the radar signature of the ship through the introduction of a slow-burning material GRP superstructure with qualities radiopogloscheniya also by the construction build the hull and superstructure.

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