NGO ELSIB effect shipment of the stator TF-125-2U3 for the Kirov CHPP-4

At the NGO "ELSIB" JSC (Novosibirsk) took shipment of the stator TF-125-2U3 on the launch complex number 2 of the Kirov CHPP-4. The most difficult part of the generator and the oversized capacity of 125 MW and a weight of 140 tons was first shipped by our company using vehicles.

This is the second delivery of the Novosibirsk plant in Kirov CHPP-4 (Kirov branch of TGC-5) in the framework of the investment project to install new equipment and increase the plant capacity from 320 to 345 MW. Recall that in May this year at the launch complex number 1 Kirov CHPP-4 were successfully carried out work on the installation of turbine generator TF-80-2UZ of NPO "ELSIB" of a new foundation. 

The dismantling of turbine number 6 (launch complex number 2) of the Kirov CHPP-4 began in January 2013. Start a new turbine with a capacity of 120 MW turbine generator and auxiliary equipment is scheduled for the end of 2014.

O company:

NGO "ELSIB" of an independent engineering company specialist. Production in three major segments focused on the same industrial site with almost the complete production cycle (minimum use of cooperation and subcontracting).

The main activities of the NGO "ELSIB" of:

  • design and manufacture of turbine generators and hydro generators;
  • design and production of induction motors and inverters;
  • design, manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance of power electronics (excitation system turbo and hydro generators, hydrogen cooling systems, control systems of dynamo-electric converters, frequency, etc.);
  • maintenance, assembly, repair and modernization of power equipment, as their production and other manufacturers.

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