NGO Parallel manufactured induction unit for maritime aircraft manufacturers

By order of "Arsenyev Aviation Company" Progress "to them. Sazykina NI" in the NGO "Parallel" is made induction unit PARALLEL FE-63-22, 0/66, 0. It includes:

  • inverter PARALLEL CFR-63-22, 0/66, 0 on IGBT-modules with built-in matching transformer and the compensating capacitor
  • dual-circuit cooling station PARALLEL CO-20,
  • set of replacement inductors soldering carbide cutting tools (cutters, milling cutters, drills)
  • pedal control the heating,
  • desktop plumber,
  • The device for connecting to the exhaust ventilation system.

Besides brazing installation can be used for heating or leave the hardening and under plastic deformation. After the factory test the product is shipped to the customer in Arsenyev (Primorsky Krai).

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