Nizhnevartovsk continues to recover from the weather anomaly that has paralyzed life in the city

The second largest city in Ugra — 250000th Nizhnevartovskcontinues to recover from this natural disaster that unexpectedly hit the city over the weekend. As the correspondent «URA.Ru» from eyewitnesses, on Friday, April 22, in the city there was a dry sunny weather, and thermometers show temperature plus 14. Meanwhile, on Saturday morning, wet snow covered the city with strong winds 14-15 meters per second and sub-zero temperatures.

Local residents say that in this day in the city there was a large number of road accidents, triggered by weather conditions. Especially vulnerable were those accidents, car users have already "Shoed" wheels summer tires.

Due to the great hype local taxi services were virtually unavailable. So the best way to nizhnevartovtsev pastime was to stay home.

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