NPO Energomash creates a hypersonic engine

NPO "Energomash"participates in the development of a hypersonic ramjet engine, which allows a speed of more than five Mahov, said Executive Director Vladimir sun.

 "We are trying to organize a study of the processes and capabilities to create the most cheap ramjet engines (ramjet). They could afford to reach speeds above five Mahov. We are talking about hypersonic. Now we're such research work, we study this subject, "- said V.Solntsev" Interfax "on an air show in Paris.

According to him, at the moment the process of creating the engine is at the stage of research (R &D). "Now the R &D stage. We are working on the engine thrust of 500 kg. This light-duty engines, which can be collected in the drawer "- said V.Solntsev.

He added that this engine has a very wide range of applications.

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