NPO Saturn will reduce dependence on foreign companies in the production of engines for Superjet

NPO "Saturn" will form around small competitive enterprises to supply components to the engine for the aircraft "Sukhoi Superjet-100".  

As the Director of Innovation Development NGOs Dmitry Ivanov, "we could have a 25-30% reduction in dependence on foreign companies in the production of engines for" SuperJet "and replace foreign components parts produced by domestic competitive small and medium-sized businesses. Our French colleagues "Snecma" of 36 thousand used in engine parts 30 thousand outsourced to small businesses and only 6 thousand produce themselves. As for us until the situation is different: some of those same 36 thousand items only 6 thousand outsourced, and the rest are manufactured at the corporate headquarters. We will use foreign experience. This will not only increase the level of localization of foreign components in the engine SaM146, but pick up the pace of production of engines and fully meet the needs of aircraft manufacturers. "  


It is challenging, but the "Saturn", "one of the first to address it. Doing that will be necessary, and" all Russian high-tech industry. "One of the tools solutions can be equipped with modern high-tech equipment companies, helping them to certify their products to increase competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses and leaving them on the international market. "And the big unions such as the" Saturn "can contribute in solving their problems," — said the expert.

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