NT-MDT will present at RUSNANOTECH-2011 new universal probe microscope Solver Open

 Photo source:rusnanonet.ru

New universal probe microscope Solver Open, created one of the world's leading developers of equipment for scanning probe microscopy — NT-MDT from Zelenograd, will for the first time on show at the international forum RUSNANOTECH-2011.

The new microscope combines the best features of our microscopes two technical platforms — "Solver" and "Integra", — said the Director General of NT-MDT Co. Victor Bykov on the sidelines of an international conference on nanotechnology in electronics Nano and Giga Challenges in 2011.

In his words, "a new device has an automated setup, it significantly reduces the requirements for the operator to operate the instrument can very quickly learn even a student." On the other hand, the new microscope has an open design, that is, the researcher will be able to simultaneously examine a sample of a large number of different methods, the head of the company.

Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) — one of the main research methods of nanotechnology, which allows to study the properties of surfaces due to their scanned with a probe. According to an independent European agency Future Markets Inc., NT-MDT ("Nanotechnology MDT», Molecular Devices and Tools for Nanotechnology) for January 2011 was the second largest producer in the international market for SPM installations (16% of the market).

Platform SPM "Solver" is intended for studying the properties of a surface in nanometer scale, allows to quantify the mechanical (hardness, elasticity, viscosity, etc.), electrical (conductance, capacitance, surface charge distribution), and magnetic properties of objects ranging in size from a few microns to several tenths nanometers. In the platform "Solver" — over 40 measuring methods that can be used for studies both in air and in a controlled atmosphere and in liquid media.

Platform "Integra" brings together eight specialized systems designed for research in both conventional and in special circumstances — for example, in a vacuum, at high and low temperatures.

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