Nyazepetrovsky plant starts mass production of the new cranes

Nyazepetrovsky Crane Plant (Chelyabinsk region) began mass production of the new tower crane KB-477, which have mastered the production of the plant in 2012.

High-rise tower crane bezogolovochny TDK-8.155 (CB-477) is designed for mechanization of construction works in the construction of residential, public and industrial buildings and structures.

TDK-8.155 (KB-477) is the building permanently attachable bezogolovochnym, hooking an electric mixer with a non-rotating tower and the swing arm.

The maximum lifting capacity of TDK-8.155 (KB-477) is 8 tons capacity crane on boom 1,65 m height freestanding crane 50 meters, maximum height 160 m Maximum boom length 55 m crane design allows you to transport all of the nodes in road transport envelope.

The base of the tower can be installed in a monolithic foundation using anchor or on the supporting frame with cross ballast. The size of the support contour 4.5 x 4.5 m crane is able to work with two-and four-pulley block. Made in seven versions. In addition, perhaps the crane on rails. Seismic resistance (points) — 1 to 6.

Crane Load Performance TDK-8.155 (KB-477)

  • Load Chart TDK-8.155 (KB-477)
  • Load Chart TDK-8.155 (KB-477)


TTX crane TDK-8.155 (KB-477)

Technical characteristics of the crane TDK-8.155 (KB-477)
The maximum lifting capacity, t, with reeving
2 multiple 4
4-fold 8
Maximum load moment, tm 155
Departure minimum, m 2.5
Reach the maximum, m 55
Structural mass freestanding standard version
Based on the anchor, t
Height freestanding crane m 
With the installation on the foundation 49
with the installation of the support frame 46
with installation on rails 47
Maximum lifting height (with attachment to the buildings under construction), m
at 2 multiple reeving 160
at 4-times reeving 80
Geometric characteristics, m
base support section 1.6
base support frame 4.5
Running track frame 4.5
rear clearance 14.7
Angle, degree unlimited
Performance of free-standing crane for areas with different wind load
with the installation of the foundation (anchor) IV
with the installation of the support frame IV
with installation on rails IV
Lifting speed of the maximum mass, m / min
at 2 multiple reeving 46
at 4-times reeving 23
Podma speed / lower idle hook suspension, m / min
at 2 multiple reeving 92
at 4-times reeving 46
Power of electric cargo winch, kW 37
Speed tap / min 0.6
Basic configuration of the electric Control Techniques
Version according to GOST 15150-69 U1
Operating conditions Environment 
temperature -40 … 40
seismicity 1-6
Explosion Explosive
fire risk Fireproof
wind area I — IV
Group classification of ISO 4301/1 crane AZ
Control system Frequency regulation
Power specifications 380V / 50Hz. Three-phase

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