NyuVak introduced a new cancer vaccine

 NyuVak introduced the world's only commercially available vaccine for the treatment of individual patients with renal cell carcinoma at the XVI Congress of the Russian Cancer.


Much attention has been paid to experts in contemporary approaches to treatment of advanced renal cell cancer. As part of its research program development NyuVak plans to study personalized immunotherapy drug Onkofag® in the treatment of this disease, including in combined mode with multi-kinase inhibitor pazopanib, the importance of which was highlighted during the symposium, chaired by Professor Sergey A. Tyulyandina. This approach is explained by the positive reviews of the leading Russian experts in the field of oncology and oncourology. Onkofag® approved for use in the adjuvant therapy of renal cell cancer patients with an intermediate prognosis.

A special session of Congress was held under the joint participation of the ESMO-RUSSCO chaired by Professor F. Ciardiello and Professor S. Tyulyandina and was dedicated to the individualization of drug therapy.

The Congress was an exhibition of leading Russian and international pharmaceutical companies.

Ltd. "NyuVak"A subsidiary of CHT "KhimRar", Russia's largest non-governmental research center in the field of biotehnologiy.Glavnoy task LLC "NyuVak" The development and application of personalized and combination approaches to cancer therapy. In December 2010, the Company "NyuVak" became one of the first residents of the innovation center "Skolkovo" in the Moscow region and within two years developing personalized onkovaktsin and low molecular adjuvants and diagnostics raka.V future IC "Skolkovo" has become a major Russian center combining economic and technological innovation. In the area specially designated under center "Skolkovo", creates the best environment for innovative research in the strategic sectors of the economy such as alternative energy, energy efficiency, nuclear energy, space exploration, biomedicine and IT sector.Onkofag®In April 2008, the vaccine Onkofag® granted permission for use in Russia as a means of adjuvant therapy for kidney cancer. Onkofag vaccine, derived from tumor cells of each patient includes "antigenic fingerprint" is cancer cells, and it acts by reprogramming the immune system, as a result, are only attack cancer cells bearing the active print. Thus, Onkofag® has no effect on healthy tissue and thus reduces side effects resulting in a weakening of the body, and almost always arise with the traditional means of cancer therapy comprising chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

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