OAO UES FGC has completed the construction of the Olympic Coastal Cluster of power

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Sochi backbone electric grids (PMES) — successfully completed a comprehensive testing equipment distribution substation (RP) 220 kV Black Sea and put an object under normal operating voltage circuit grafikastroitelstva ahead of the Olympic venues.

Completion of the new RP is the final step in creating a reliable power supply of Olympic facilities and infrastructure Coastal Cluster.

RP 220 kVChernomorskaya will be part of the scheme of distribution of power the main Olympic power — Sochi and Adler CHPS, and, in addition, will create a strong foundation for socio-economic development of the city of Sochi for the future.
Comprehensive testing — one of the most complex and demanding operational transactions, as it connects the first time in a single technological chain all the main and auxiliary equipment substation. During the comprehensive testing under operating voltage of 72 hours were put gas insulated switchgear device (GIS) 220 kV power transformer 25 MVA, designed to provide auxiliary substations and ice melting, two cells outdoor switchgear (ORU) 220 kV Closed switchgear 10 kV substation auxiliary boards, panels, relay protection and automation, as well as cabinets automated process control system (PCS), and an automated information system for commercial accounting (AISKUE).
RP 220 kV Black Sea is the most important part of the updated grid of Sochi and connects Dagomis 220 kV Substation, 220 kVPsou, the Sochi and Adler CHPS. In addition, before the end of 2013 will complete the construction of 220 kV Black Sea — Poselkovaya length of 15 km. Putting into operation of this line will create an additional flow of electricity to Krasnaya Polyana.
In preparation for the Olympic Games Federal Grid Company is building, modernization and reconstruction of 36 main power grid facilities in the Sochi region. Currently, 27 sites have been commissioned, 3 objects placed under the operating voltage on 3 completed construction works, three objects are in the stage of determining the basic technical solutions within the design.

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