Odesa region brazenly terrorized Wolves


According meteoprog.ua, Odessa region on the villagers for years Betsilovo suffer constant attacks of wolves. Predators do not be afraid to come to the village, even in the afternoon.

As the channel 24, in the village there is no family that does not suffer from the wolves. People pull on the barbed wire fences, and at night afraid to leave their homes. Once saw a pack of wolves in the village center.

Wolves are constantly attacking livestock. Even the cows leave the villagers to graze unattended. Organized a vigil in the pasture.

Shoot local predators can not, because the wolves come into the village from a nearby reserve. The penalty for a predator killed more than 10 thousand hryvnia.

People do not often addressed to village heads to resolve the issue with the "gray" terror. But local authorities denied wolf invasion, and argues that it is just wild dogs.

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