Officials punished for viewing at work Godfather

In some ministries and agencies have begun to control, viewing employees movie "The Godfather." If someone is seen in watching tape seditious charge of the "ideology" of the verdicts.

Employees of the institution from which he entered the "Radio Liberty" signal for the punishment of view of "The Godfather" can additionally suffer, so the source asked not to be identified on the air name of the institution, but vouched for information.

issued a warning to the head of the department of public relations …

"With the Ministry of Natural Resources received a call directly to the institution that their employees through work computers searched the internet movie" The Godfather, "which was shown on NTV channel. Rather it is the second and third parts of the movie" The Godfather. "And thereafter issued a warning to the head of the department of public relations. A system administrators who are directly responsible for the operation of computers and who should control access to various sites punished by deprivation of premiums. More precisely, he announced that the awards will be deprived. "

A government spokesman Alexander Timoshenko Asked to comment on the information replied that he "was not aware of such measures," but expressed concerning the use of work computers.

"The working computer must use for work purposes, and in no other. As for the rest I do not have this information, you are talking about, so I have no comment."

In many places, commercial and government agencies monitor output via the Internet on sites that are not related to work. So the administration set "filters" on the way to porn sites, also prohibits "walking" on social networks such as "classmates" or "in contact". Only from your home computer consumer internet information could easily go to any website, which, however, is worth the money. And how are things in the internet cafe? Can Internet users to look there "Godfather 3" and does not "light up"?

An employee of the Minsk internet cafe, which is located at the train station, explains that none of the visitors they do not forbid to go to other sites that posted politicized films like "The Godfather." But now every visitor must show a passport and, if desired, "top" can determine who is only interested in ekzametsionnye issues and seditious who watched films about Lukashenko.

Can come to ask who of you here on this computer at a certain time and came back and then show it to the passport data …

"The information goes to the server and to track anything is possible. Might come to ask who of you here on this computer at a certain time, came back and then show it to the passport data. And we have this data in accordance with the law now write."

Recall, from July 1, began operating Lukashenka's decree on regulating the Internet, according to which has been significantly increased control over the network by the state.

August 15, the Russian TV channel "NTV" showed the film "The Godfather 3" on the income of Alexander Lukashenko and his family. In Belarus, the film is not shown meanwhile increasing interest in it. According to the sociological service "Baltic Gallup," 31% of Belarusians watched the first or second movie "The Godfather" via the Internet, on CD and via other media.


"The Godfather"

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