Oil hit a water pipe in Yakutia

In Batumi from the taps instead of drinking water oil wentBlagoveshchensk, September 6 — RIA Novosti.Oil fell into the water supply of the Yakut village Chersky, without hot water and heat were three houses and a kindergarten, a total of about 120 people, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, deputy chief engineer of the Kolyma branch PMT housing Victor Revenko.

According to him, in the boiler room of the village because of the rush of a volume of 25 cubic meters of spilled oil, which fell into the water system.

"Unfortunately, we have a single pipeline supplying heating systems in homes and supply hot water to the taps. We conducted a three-stage washing system that is spent washing it with water and washing three times. Now comes the test washing, after which we will run the heat in the house" — said the official.

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