OJSC Cherkizovo runs a hatchery in Bryansk cluster

August 17 in the area of the Bryansk region Pochepy a ceremonial launch the first phase of a large hatchery JSC "Chicken Kingdom-Bryansk." For half a year in the hatchery, built and equipped with all the necessary main building, an administrative building with a hotel and housing for washing cars, carrying eggs and chicks.

The hatchery has been launched as part of the project to increase the capacity of the Bryansk poultry segment of the Group "Cherkizovo" and now allows incubate for 43 million eggs per year. After starting the second phase of the hatchery, its capacity will increase to 66 million eggs per year.

Investment in the construction of the hatchery is 460 million rubles (approximately U.S. $ 16 million).

As part of the project to increase capacity in Bryansk has launched the following facilities: Playground by 52 poultry hen house, designed for one-time content about two million broilers, as well as 11 additional bird houses at the existing sites.

In 2010, the production capacity of the Bryansk cluster groups "Cherkizovo" amounted to 38,200 tons of poultry meat in live weight per year, and after the completion of the entire project to increase capacity in 2012, it will grow to 75,000 tons of poultry meat in live weight.

General Director of "Cherkizovo" Sergei Mikhailov, commented: "Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the hatchery — one of the most important projects built in a project to increase the capacity of the Bryansk poultry unit of the Company. Existence of its own incubator facilities enable the Group to significantly reduce the cost of production, so that we are able to offer our customers the highest quality poultry meat at a fair price. As for our further investment in the development of its production, in the Bryansk region, we began construction of a plant capacity of 40 tons of feed per hour from the granary to 56,000 tons, as well as a new platform for fattening broiler production capacity of 1.8 million heads of chickens. We are confident that significant resources that we put into the project to increase the capacity to yield good results, allowing us to increase production efficiency and improve our performance by segment poultry. "

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