Oleg Alkaev: This is corruption at the state level

Former police colonel Oleg Alcala, who received political asylum in Germany, on the eve of the show on channel NTV third part of the movie "The Godfather" commented the latest information on the involvement of the Belarusian leaders to corruption.

Oleg ALKAYEVA, living in Berlin, I asked to comment on the sensational statements of the former Ministry of Internal Affairs investigator Vyacheslav Dudkina relative to the size of corruption in Belarus and her involvement in the dignitaries surrounded by Alexander Lukashenko. Oleg Alkaev believes that the crime at the border and customs, which investigated Svetlana Baykova, is enormous, so prykryvalisya at the top of the Minsk:

"How can the smuggled goods, which went from Brest and Grodno, Belarus entire drive? When I was the chief of the colony, I know, all the trucks at the Borisov fasting slowed once again checked. And here they passed without obstacles. I know for sure that they provide support for the police. For money, of course.

Well, how can the smuggled goods, which went from Brest and Grodno, Belarus drive the whole?

Or here's what I know, what could dig Baykova. This crime Confiscated. In 2002, at the gates of the Presidential Administration disappeared 21 wagon with allegedly seized electronic equipment. Under the guise of paving it was brought and all disappeared without a trace. It's a lot of money. If everything was organized, with the center in the capital, the same scam at the state level. "

In talking about corruption police captain Vyacheslav Doudkin among the names of high-ranking officials named former Secretary of the Security Council and former prosecutor, now a counselor Lukashenko, Victor Sheiman. According Dudkina, the second wife Shejman allegedly involved in some episodes. Called other names. As it says Oleg Alkaev?

"What is there to comment? I have on hand all the information, the evidence, which shows how insignificant a particular person, and all of our polity. An ordinary person might get the impression that a particular person is not occupied by anything else, as soon as the concerns of the people but judging by the information of this to say. I have nothing else like disgust, is not provoked. Perhaps the time will come when I type the same information that I own. There's a lot about someone. wait, here come the new film "The Godfather "that there is to say. I have reason to believe that in the film we see Dudkina. then can be something to comment in more detail. "

Oleg Alkaev also commented on those excerpts from statements by Vyacheslav Dudkina which concerned the ex-Minister of the Interior Vladimir Naumov investigator and prosecutor general Ivan Branchel, investigating cases of disappeared. Oleg Alkaev not share the opinion of Vyacheslav Dudkina on what Vladimir Naumov genuinely fought corruption in the highest circles of power. According to Colonel ALKAYEVA, Minister planned to take the place of Secretary of the Security Council and "started playing" in their intrigues. Oleg Alkaev believes that Vladimir Naumov had to resign when released from the custody of his subordinate Dmitry Pavlicenco, against which he must know the truth in the case of the disappeared. The investigator Ivan Branchel also performed his duty as an officer and the officer, so the investigation so far has not achieved anything, says Oleg Alkaev. According to Mr. ALKAYEVA, Captain Dudkina information can be used during the trial of guilty of kidnapping:

"The government itself extra" hooks "clings to be the basis for the investigation. While this is only newsworthy, but at any moment it can become a legal basis. "

The film "The Godfather 3", which will focus on the financial secrets of the leaders of Belarus, NTV plans to show on August 15 and 18:25, Minsk time.



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