On Belarusfilm burned vehicle

Today in the studio "BelarusFilm" caught fire and exploded minibus American production. How falls "Interfax", now find out the circumstances of an accident specialists.

According to preliminary data, the fire originated in the rear of the minivan «Pontiac» 1996 release. Owner of the car at first he tried to put out the flames, but eventually received multiple burns to the body and is now in hospital. Save the car failed, it was burned to the ground.

Witnesses say that before the accident the driver took the interior of an object, similar to firecrackers, and tried to set fire to it. But in the end there was a loud explosion and the debris fell into the machine. The car burst into flames.

As told in the administration of the studio, destroyed by fire engine no relation to the "Belarusfilm" had not, but likely, serving the television production center, which rents studio space. Now it becomes clear how the trucks came to the territory of the "Belarusfilm" as pass the appropriate one owner car had.



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