On Brazil rain fell from the wreckage of a UFO




Shard of metal of unknown origin is found in the vicinity of the Brazilian city of Teresina in the north-east of the country. According to preliminary data, it is part of the UFO.

The basis for this assumption was the event that alarmed the neighborhood the night before. Flat metallic object about 60 cm long was found by a local after, according to eyewitnesses, on Saturday repeatedly lit up the sky with bright lights. Barbosa Machado, who discovered the obscure fragment, said he was extremely shocked by a blinding flash of light, followed by three claps of thunder from a clear sky. "After that, I could not sleep all night," — admitted the man.

However, the incident had frightened many of the local inhabitants. Ytrom they turned for help to the police. Some have confirmed the appearance of strange lights in the sky. According to their testimony, pieces of iron fell on top as rain. However, the only evidence of an alleged appearance of aliens remains chip found Barbosa. The sample submitted for analysis to local security.

It is still unknown from what is metal or alloy was produced this piece. If scientists come to the conclusion that its chemical composition can not be identified or is composed of elements rare on Earth, it would be quite a strong argument in favor of his alien origin.

But skeptics are more likely to assume that the reason for the strange atmospheric phenomenon was common meteor rain. Typically, such a cosmic cataclysm astronomers observed through a telescope because meteorites rarely reaches the surface of the earth, burning in the upper atmosphere. But this is not always the case. The most famous example was the fall of the celestial stones at one time famous Tunguska. By the way, the assumption that the meteorite that hit in 1908 on the Russian taiga, in fact, too, was a flying saucer or a fragment thereof, has not yet been refuted.

As for the fragments found in Terezin, the population of the town and the surrounding neighborhoods have warned that any unknown objects found after the incident, must be submitted to the authorities in order to prevent radioactive contamination.

Xenia Kholminov, July 30, 10:32

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