On the form of the national team

Ladies and gentlemen, today our communication related to the pressing issues around the leadership of the RFU, whose decisions are, to say the least, surprising. Blatant in their cynicism fact is connected with the decision by sorting legionnaires, as we are not just talking. Then there was a whole train of negative publicity associated with match-fixing, unprofessional approach to the conduct of the Russian Cup draw, the appointment time matches in the summer, in the midday heat, etc. But I would like to focus entirely different issue. Let's turn our attention to the form in which the national teams play their home countries. Brazilians in the yellow-green tones, the Swedes in yellow, the French in blue and white, and so on. All these colors match the colors of the flag of those countries. So it is accepted throughout the world. This is a very good tradition. There are, of course, exceptions. Italians and Dutch, for example. But their blue and orange colors are associated with a long tradition, and therefore recognizable and close to the heart of their fans. So why our team is playing in the brick-colored t-shirts? It's the color of our flag? Do not like! I would like to ask this question the head of the RAF, but in our country, the Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the head of the football federation — it's the same person, Mr. Mutko. In this regard, I appeal to the general manager of all of these areas, "Why did the Russian national football team plays in the form, color does not match the colors of our flag?"

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