On the renaming of the street there is no Soviet money

Department of justice Grodno Oblast Executive Committee refused to citizens of the Soviet renaming the street in Zelva a street named Larissa Heniyush.

Activists have filed a complaint against the decision of the District Executive Committee Zelvenski not appropriate to rename the street. The complaint was accompanied by 173 signatures of citizens.

In response, Chief Department of Justice states that "in Lately in the Grodno region renaming of streets in towns and villages hardly practiced. "Like, this is due not only to the different attitudes of citizens in the past, but legal nuisance when re-registration. Renaming requires resources, unplanned in the district budget. Moreover, there are difficulties in the offices Belposhta.

Grodno Oblast Executive Committee raits toponymic district commissions paid to the names of prominent people is the new streets in towns and villages.

The Young Zelva Eugene Skrabutan suggests find out how much money you need to cover the cost of renaming the street. And depending on the amount begin collecting means.



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