On the work of the Moscow construction complex in the first 8 months of 2013

According to the materials and report. about. Deputy Mayor Marat Husnullina, held on Friday, September 6 meeting of Operations of the Government of the capital.

Since the beginning of the year metrostroevtsy drilled 17 kilometers of tunnels. Currently, the construction of the subway tunnel boring machine has 20 and 35,000 construction workers, and work is being done around the clock. To date, the completed construction of the "Vyhino" — "Zhulebino" now is running.

Permission 4.5 million square feet of real estate, it's 370 facilities.

From the beginning, it was built 60 kilometers of roads, of which nearly 40 kilometers of main importance. Most of them have been put in the last 2 weeks. This is three times more than 8 months of last year.

The reconstruction of Warsaw highway, Kashira highway Balaklava Avenue — Rublevskoe, Yaroslavl highway, and they built 111 kilometers of dedicated lanes for public transport, 240 zaezdnyh pockets, 1773 car-parking space, nearly 15 kilometers of bicycle paths. Before the term had been open a few interchanges.

Opened Alabyano-Baltic road tunnel.

Over the past period were built 14 pre-school institutions, 35 institutions are populated by 4230 people.

It was introduced on 8 schools 4825 students.

Rented 10 medical institutions, of which 9 are built at the expense of investors.

Accidents at construction sites has decreased by 21% despite the fact that construction output increased by 30%.

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